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The Team

The team at Schedule 2 has worked across all aspects of technical delivery gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience which has enabled us to deliver solutions which delight our customers.

Roy Carroll - Managing Director

Katrina Lynes - Digital Cinema Manager

Marco De Rienzo - Manager of International Distribution and Technical Services

Heather Pascall - Manager of International Distribution and Technical Services

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The Preferred and Trustworthy Partner

Launched in 2003, Schedule 2 are proud to still be offering the best to our clients - our service, our technical excellence and our industry knowledge are second to none. As we go from strength to strength, we take our clients with us reinforcing our working partnerships. We provide a secure post production and technical service to producers, sales companies and film distributors alike.

We work closely with all of our clients to make sure their film content receives the best attention, from start to finish. Even before the camera starts rolling, Schedule 2 will negotiate and provide a bespoke delivery schedule for you. We will keep a close eye on budgets and work alongside your Post Production Supervisor to provide advice on which facility houses to use to meet all aspects of your delivery and worldwide distribution schedules.

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Our Ethos

Our service portfolio enables us to become a Post Production Supervisor for you if required and to undertake all negotiations on your behalf to save you money. Contact us to discuss our bespoke and package deal on more financially challenging films. It is our ethos to individually guide clients through all stages of the film journey. With a talented and experienced team of professionals, our knowledge in the fields of technical services and international delivery and post production, enables Schedule 2 to spot potential pitfalls before they happen and help you to avoid unexpected and costly processes or legalities.

Our knowledge stretches from 35mm to new data and we fully appreciate the delicate handling required to create new films from old. Take advantage of our secure cloud storage knowing that your content is in the safest hands.

Delivery Requirements

Delivery Requirements

We understand the delivery requirements for producers, sales companies and distributors alike and therefore become the vital link for finance, sales and distribution.

Schedule 2 is passionate about film and content across all platforms, from 35mm, DCP (Digital Cinema Package), VOD (Video on Demand). It is this love that drives us to make sure that your content is delivered to the highest quality standards and can be seen in all destination markets.